Talrun of the Rapids

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Talrun of the Rapids is the second of two kids to Tavros Loamachus, sheriff of Rainspeaker Rapids, and Astet Loamachus, a local ranger. He spent his youth playing basic logic games and tricks on his peers, and learned the basics of wilderness survival from his mother. With no formal education, he taught himself how to read after gaining his powers. When he was 14, on a hunt with Astet, they managed to find a… I guess cub would be the word… owlbear. Cub owlbear means mama owlbear, and if you think any old regular owlbear is ornery, suffice to say it was a fun (read, terrifying) escape. Talrun and Astet got separated and not knowing which, or at that what else was now chasing him, Talrun had to find a way to shake the beast from his tail. He fled through a dryad grove that was somewhat notorious for being hostile to outsiders. They turned their trees into a labyrinth, trapping both Talrun and the owlbear inside. He got out of the maze his way (puzzle skills), and the owlbear got out its own (gratuitous violence). With both of them still standing in what was now a clearing, Talrun was done for. He couldn’t outrun the beast and out-thinking it was neither a feat nor very helpful.

At this juncture, a spirit of duality and logic named Makaba took notice of the lad and for a moment granted Talrun his insight. Owlbear exit axe in skull
Makaba took notice of the boy’s love of games, and made a pact with the boy. “Explore, uncover the truth of things and learn what the world holds. For I lack a grounding in your world to experience new things. In return I grant you protection and power. Also an iguana, for I adore such scaled creatures. He shall be your focus and your guide.”
That was 7 years ago. Since then Talrun has seen a good deal of the forest, but his powers waned. He has gone into the wider world to see and adventure in the more civilized world, and hopes the wonders there eclipse even the magnificence of nature.

Life minutia and other assorted knickknacks

Race- Human from Pengarat Forest. Where men are men and sheep run scared.

Gender- Male, in case the pronouns above were ambiguous.

Age- 21.

Career- Talrun doesn’t have much in terms of a trade, but being a witch does have decided benefits like knowing how to survive in the wild and fend for yourself. His romps have given him a shallow but wide knowledge of various topics, and he knows a great deal about the fauna of his home forest. He wouldn’t be averse to being a sell-spell if that’s what would pay the bills, as its considerably harder to steal fruit from trees when somebody actually owns the orchard.

Personality- Talrun is a curious and gregarious fellow, intelligent but naive about the farmlands and city folk. He has tendencies to create enormous faux pas through nothing other than not knowing the social conventions, though he will quickly apologize when people are obviously upset. He is learning fast though, and is trying to develop his own sense of city wit to compliment his critical thinking skills. He mostly sees life as a matter of survival, a game of infinite complexity with byzantine rules and the highest stakes. He has not often considered moral questions outside of this context and is susceptible to influence in ethics. Hint hint nudge nudge mums the word.

Family- Tavros (father, still a grumpy old sheriff)
Astet (mother, no-nonsense ranger)
Equuia (older sister, enchanter, party-pooper)
Makaba (Patron, schizophrenic minotaur maze spirit)
Matoc (Iguana, familiar, Talrun’s hetero life-mate)

Friends- I’ll get back to this once Talrun’s CHA is rolled. If he ends up having a 7 it would be very different from a 16.

Relationships- In direct contradiction to published studies, running around in the forest looking at ruins with red dye on your face does not make the ladies drop like rain. Back home he was never considered a catch, but out in the world he’s considered exotic at minimum. He was even offered employment at a brothel at one of the seedier trail caravans on “look what we got!” factor alone, but him being him the very concept of prostitution seems counter-intuitive.

Talrun of the Rapids

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